Washing Machine Repair

If your washing machine isn’t working as it should, don’t hesitate to call an appliance repair professional. The faster you contact an expert, the faster you can restore your appliance to its optimal efficiency. Ignoring the problem will only aggravate the situation, potentially making it more costly to fix. At Greg’s Appliance Repair, we have a team of highly trained and experienced washer repair technicians

They can perform standard maintenance, diagnose washing machine issues, as well as replace faulty and worn out parts. We service all brands and models of washing machines.

Why Choose Washing Machine Repair?

When a washer breaks down, most people head to their local retail store and purchase a replacement without a second thought. They are oblivious to the fact that the problem could also affect the new appliance, subjecting them to the same predicament all over again.

You should realize that washing machine repairs can save you lots of cash. Moreover, regular servicing can prevent simple issues from occurring. The first thing to do when your washer breaks down is to compare the cost of the repairs to the cost of acquiring a new washer.

While good quality washing machines are quite expensive nowadays, repairs might be much cheaper.

Common Washing Machine Problems

If you notice any of the following signs in your washing machine, it’s important to call professional help as soon as possible.

The washer doesn’t fill with water

Check to ensure the door is closed, inlet pipes are clear, and the water supply is connected and working well. If everything is in order, then you should have your machine checked by an expert.

The machine stops mid-cycle

This situation is normally the result of a defective thermostat, heater, or timer. If the timer is the culprit, you might be able to work around the problem temporarily by adjusting the control dial manually.

Water won’t drain from the machine

Poor drainage is usually a result of clogging in the filter or a malfunctioning pump. A qualified technician can make a proper diagnosis and recommend a viable solution.

The appliance is noisy

If you hear a rattling sound when the drum is moving, then something could be stuck in the drum, such as coins or bra wires. Also, check the drain filter to ensure that it’s clear.

A noisy washer could also be a sign of a faulty or worn bearing. Turn the drum by hand when the washer is empty. If you hear a rumbling sound, there’s a high chance the bearings need to be replaced.

The drum won’t turn

This issue could be caused by worn brushes, a defective motor or control units, or drive belt issues. You’ll need a trained specialist to diagnose the exact problem.

The machine doesn’t spin

This issue is one of the most common washing machine problems. Fortunately, it is quite easy and cheap to fix. The problem occurs if you’ve overloaded the washing machine.

It can also happen if you’re trying to spin only a handful of items. Try to remove a few items from the washer or reload light loads. If this doesn’t work, then you may need to have the brushes replaced.

Call Greg’s Appliance Repair of Folsom, CA

If you have been troubleshooting the above problems and still have issues, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ve been servicing all types of washing machines for over fifteen years. You can rest assured you’ll receive fast, efficient, and reliable service with Greg’s Appliance Repair of Folsom.