Freezer Repair

If your freezer isn’t working right, it can be so frustrating that you may be tempted to purchase a replacement. However, you don’t need to burn all that money. You can take advantage of a professional freezer repair service.

At Greg’s Appliance Repair, we are committed to restoring your freezer to excellent working condition. A thorough repair will ensure your appliance serves you well for several more years, too. Our technicians are trained to repair all freezer brands and models.

Signs You Need Freezer Repair

The freezer is too cold

A freezer needs to be sufficiently cold to keep your food frozen. However, if it is too frigid, you risk an increased ice accumulation or frost. If your freezer is icy, but your refrigerator feels warm, you could be dealing with a faulty defrost heater.

Our experts can test the defrost system to find out which part is defective and recommend a solution. The extreme cold could also follow a defective damper control assembly or a faulty evaporator fan motor.

The freezer isn’t sufficiently cold

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommends that a freezer stays at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature that is above 0 degrees Fahrenheit may not preserve your food properly. The food can become warm enough to encourage bacterial growth, subjecting you to the risk of foodborne diseases.

If you feel that your freezer is not cold enough, check the settings to make sure the dial was not adjusted accidentally. Some freezers come with a built-in thermometer for easy monitoring of the temperature. If your appliance doesn’t have a thermometer, consider purchasing one.

If everything is in order, we can help. Contact our team to make a proper diagnosis of the problem.

There’s frost inside your freezer

Freezers will generally have some frost build-up. If there’s an excessive amount of frost, however, something else could be wrong with your appliance. Several problems cause this, including a ripped gasket, a frozen freezer drain tube, or the freezer door has been left open too long or too often.

Anything that allows warm air to get in will lead to frost accumulation. If the drain tube gets frozen, then moisture will not be able to escape the interior, leading to frost.

The freezer just won’t turn on

A freezer that refuses to run could be a result of various issues. Before you call an expert, check to ensure that the unit has enough electrical power. Make sure your freezer is plugged in properly to the power outlet, and that it is still supplying electricity.

If there’s a problem with the power outlet, consider calling an electrician to fix it. If the outlet is working well, but the freezer isn’t running, there’s likely a problem with at least one of the internal components. It may include the electronic control board, defrost timer, cold control thermostat, or compressor.

A professional appliance repair service can examine your freezer to find out the exact problem and provide a viable solution.

Call Greg’s Appliance Repair of Folsom, CA

Even with proper care and maintenance, freezers can still malfunction. If your freezer breaks down, give us a call and speak with one of our hospitable appliance repair experts. We promise to have your freezer back to good working condition in no time, without any fuss.

You can rest assured that you’ll have a great experience working with us, thanks to our fast service, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and competitive rates.